Sunday, April 18, 2021

“When I was at the police station, the police officers took turns to beat me up” – Comedian, Macaroni

Nigeria comedian debo Adebayor aka Mr. Macaroni took to micro blogging platform, Twitter to narrate his experience after he was brutalized in Adeniji Police Station.

His tweets grab the attention of Twitter users who ask him to use his platform to promote good institution in Nigeria such as The Nigeria Police Force rather than instigate his followers against this institution so as to move the country to a greater heights.

The 28 years old Mr. Macaroni who was a victim of police brutality and one of the supporters of #EndSars movement in Nigeria issues his response to fellow Twitter users.

Mr. macaroni tweets reads; 
"When I was at Adeniji police station, the police officers took turns to beat me up. They were even calling themselves to come and beat ‘Mr Macaroni’ 
They said in my life when next I hear police, I will run! One said if not that people would ask about me, he would have killed me".

He added: "I should promote the same police institution that oppresses Nigerians? Majority of your officers are just there to steal, rob, harass, brutalize and oppress the people. We see it happen everyday. You swore an oath to protect. Yet you kill and destroy. Zero conscience!".

See his post;

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