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Saturday, June 12, 2021

"Sleeping during the day makes me feel poor”. No Billionaire does such – Socialite, Huddah Monroe

Kenyan Socialite, Huddah Monroe has said Billionaires and goal getters never sleep during the day.

According to Huddah, The day is meant for chasing dreams and only lazy people with no ambition will always sleep during the day.

Huddah Monroe too to her page on insta-stories to share her thoughts stated that she has never seen people they call Billionaires sleep during the day while saying that sleeping during the day makes her feel poor and depressed.

She added, the only time she ever get to sleep comfortably is during the day I only when she is very sick or tired after work.

Huddah Monroe said; 

“I don’t understand how people sleep during the day. It makes me feel poor and depressed. unless I’m sick or extremely tired ok! But normal? You kidding me?

“Never seen a Boss or heard of a Billionaire sleep during the day! You have one choise to wake up and chase your dreams or to sleep and continue dreaming”.

Check out Huddah Monroe post;

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