Thursday, June 24, 2021

How To Earn Money in Your Sleep

Dear Instabloggers, Here is How To Earn Money in Your Sleep in Nigeria.

1. Create a YouTube page 
2. Post videos 
3. Use your social media profiles to promote the page 
4. Get 4000 watchable hours 
5. Create an Adsense account (it is simple and straightforward. Just Google ‘how to create an Adsense account)
6. Apply to YouTube for monetisation 
7. Keep posting videos and promoting them on your profiles and the right WhatsApp 
8. Your videos will make money when you are awake and asleep

End of process. Easy peasy! I am not telling you what I have heard. I am telling you what I do on a daily basis, as one of the ways I make passive income. And I don’t even use a laptop. All I use are my phone and my Internet connection, which is not so good, as I live in a village. 

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