Friday, July 30, 2021

"African men cheat because we live in a lawless country" - Relationship Expert, Blessing Okoro

Blessing Okoro is on the opinion that most African men cheat on their spouse because they live in a lawless countries.

The Relationship expert in a video said that men are polygamous in nature. According to blessing, these men behave themselves when they travel abroad.

Speaking further, she added that when a man cheats abroad the woman has full right to sue for whatever a man has worked hard for. Blessing Okoro also said when an African man cjeat on his partner is because the women are too eager and normalize cheating.

Blessing Okoro said in the video below;

“Men are not polygamous in nature, this same African men of yours respect themselves when they travel out of the country. The reason
why African men cheat carelessly is because we are in a lawless country. Let these same men travel out of the country and cheat, a woman will sue them for everything they’ve worked.

“Men are not polygamous in nature they are only cheating because many of you are desperate and have accepted disrespects”.

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